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Fair Votes demo London 15th May 2010

16 May

Yesterday for the first time in over twenty years I actually got up off my arse and went to a political demonstration. It was for Fair Votes and  organised by the takebackparliament.com The result of the recent general election made me realise how much our entire political system in Britain is in need of serious reform. While it’s claimed that Britain is a representative democracy it’s quite clear when one takes a close look at the situation that this is not in fact the case. How can it be when a vote for a Liberal Democrat MP is worth approximately 24% of a vote for a Labour MP? I’m no political expert so don’t expect any great insights from me, but I do know unfairness when I see it.

Any way, here are a few pictures I took at the demo.



9 May

I think this picture works as a pretty good visual metaphor of the current state of the British political scene. Nick Clegg is in the rather unenviable position of king maker right now and if he makes the wrong choice he could end up damaging the Liberal Democrats irrevocably. The LibDems can’t afford to go into a formal coalition with either the Conservatives or Labour, because if they do they will have to share equal blame for the savage cuts in public spending that any government will have to make to deal with the current deficit. All they can do is support either the Conservatives, or Labour, on a bill by bill basis. While my heart says they should work with Labour my head says they should work with the Conservatives. The reason for this being that the Conservatives will very probably tear themselves apart over the compromises the party will need to make to its more extreme policies and ideas in order to maintain LibDem support. By the time of the next general election the Conservatives will have split into two separate parties one full of right wing nut jobs akin to the current American Republicans and the other a progressive centre right party. However, this is all speculation and fantasy until the LibDems make their decision.