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A Fragile World.

3 May

This is my favourite of my photographs at the moment. For those who care about the technical details it was taken using a Canon EOS 50D with a Tamron 70-300mm Tele-Macro lens, an aperture of F5.6 and a shutter speed of 1/1250sec. It was shot in RAW and then initially edited and converted to jpg using the Gimp with the Ufraw plugin. Final editing was done using Showfoto. All of which are free open source software programs.
Dandelion clocks always remind me of childhood for some reason. I suppose that it’s their ephemeral and fragile nature. They teach us that nothing, no matter how beautiful, lasts forever and we should make the most of what life offers us.

Please click the picture to see a larger version.



28 Apr

I’m posting this simply because I think that it’s the best photograph that I’ve ever taken and certainly one of the best photographs of a bird in flight that I’ve ever seen. I took it on a very cold and overcast February morning in Bedford UK as a woman was feeding the birds beside the River Great Ouse in the centre of the town.  I used a Canon EOS 50D digital SLR with a EFS 17-85mm lens with everything except the focus set to manual and the shutter in single shot mode. I want to emphasise the last part of the previous sentence, this photograph was taken as a single, all or nothing, shot and not as part of a multi-shot burst from which I could choose the best one. Also, it was shot in monochrome and is not a conversion from colour. I never convert from colour to monochrome, shoot directly in whichever of the two I feel is most appropriate for the picture I’m trying to create. If you wish to do so you can buy a print of “Dove” and if you do you will have my deepest gratitude since I could do with the money right now.

Taking A Closer Look

26 Apr

It’s fascinating how changing the way a seemingly mundane thing is seen can shift ones attitude towards it. The photographs above were shot primarily to practice using macro at which I am very much a novice. However as I was looking at them later I was struck by how beautiful these extremely common flowers, some people would call them weeds, actually were, but I hadn’t noticed before simply because I never bothered to look due to their ubiquity. It made me wonder about all of the beautiful and amazing experiences I may be missing simply because I dismiss certain things as being too ordinary to bother about. So, now I’m trying to open myself up to the possibility of discovering the extraordinary in the ordinary.

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