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Life Is For Living

24 Apr

One of the reasons the reasons I enjoy photography is that you can get to meet some really cool people. This gentleman was playing, rather beautifully in my opinion, in the centre of Bedford UK as most of the shoppers just walked on by. As he had a short rest we chatted and he told me that until about a month previously he had lost his job as a bus driver due to some health issues. Rather than becoming depressed he realised that he had an opportunity to try to make a living doing what he loves, which is playing music, rather than what is safe and “sensible”. He has had to tighten his belt financially, but he’s enjoying his life more now than he has since he was a child. His new motto is “Life is for living”. He said that the only thing that saddens him is that he had to reach the age of 61 before he fully realised that.

Talking to him made me realise how much I and just about everyone I know play it safe in life for fear of what may happen if we don’t. I have friends who are immensely talented in many different ways yet they cling to jobs they basically hate and I’m exactly the same except for the part about being immensely talented since that’s not for me to say. I hope that one day I’ll have the same kind of courage as the amazing clarinettist in the photograph.