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28 Apr

I’m posting this simply because I think that it’s the best photograph that I’ve ever taken and certainly one of the best photographs of a bird in flight that I’ve ever seen. I took it on a very cold and overcast February morning in Bedford UK as a woman was feeding the birds beside the River Great Ouse in the centre of the town.  I used a Canon EOS 50D digital SLR with a EFS 17-85mm lens with everything except the focus set to manual and the shutter in single shot mode. I want to emphasise the last part of the previous sentence, this photograph was taken as a single, all or nothing, shot and not as part of a multi-shot burst from which I could choose the best one. Also, it was shot in monochrome and is not a conversion from colour. I never convert from colour to monochrome, shoot directly in whichever of the two I feel is most appropriate for the picture I’m trying to create. If you wish to do so you can buy a print of “Dove” and if you do you will have my deepest gratitude since I could do with the money right now.