Who Am I?

Like Zaphod Beeblebrox I’m just a guy. Unlike Zaphod I don’t have two heads, or three arms. As far as I’m aware I’m a human being although some people may doubt this. I was born at a very early age, I think I was about two at the time. I was born in a crappy little town in the English East Midlands, which shall not be named for obvious reasons, because my mother was there at the time and I wanted to be close to her. I had a very happy childhood and it was during this time that I first picked up a camera. I dropped it shortly afterwards and broke it so I was sent to my room without any dinner. My next encounter with a camera was slightly more successful and I became enamored with photography. My relationship with photography has waxed and waned over the years, but in the last few years it has become extremely strong and I have begun to take it more seriously. I’m much more engaged by the aesthetic and emotional, rather than the technical, aspects of the art.
As well as photography I’m also into table top RPGs and have been playing almost every week with the same group of friends for over a decade. I’m also a committed Linux user and advocate although I’m certainly not a hardcore geek. All of my photographs are post processed using entirely open source programs such as the Gimp. You really don’t need to spend ludicrous amounts of money on Photoshop to create decent photographs and as proof take a look at my deviantART  gallery .


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